Both! DrumFIT Classics uses popular generational music which gets your foot tapping and your hands drumming! Singing along is most definitely encouraged!

One of the goals for our DrumFIT Classics program is to create a fun and comfortable environment for older adults to come together with friends and make new friends in their community. For this reason, we recommend keeping class sizes to 10-30 participants to encourage socialization and camaraderie.

Keeping active and mobile is very important as we age. The combination of muscle loss and decreased range of motion can lead to pain and mobility problems for older adults without proper intervention. Participation in DrumFIT increases range of motion activities while building muscle, increasing blood flow and circulation, as well as improving flexibility.

DrumFIT Classics not only incorporates options for all mobility levels, it also encourages socializing and group activity, providing a greater quality of life and healthy aging.

While we do provide a DrumFIT certification for instructors who wish to have more formal training, our DrumFIT Classics program can be run by anyone with the use of our popular streaming video content and class-building software.

We created DrumFIT Classics for people of all abilities and mobility levels. DrumFIT videos are offered in three different levels: Low intensity, seated; medium intensity, seated; and low-impact, standing.

Once you sign up for a membership, you will receive a starter kit along with an administrator login to our proprietary DrumFIT Music, Motion & Memory online software tool. To get started, you will need an internet connection to stream the videos. You’ll also need an open space to safely move around. All required cardio drumming equipment can be purchased directly from our store.

We have designed DrumFIT Classics to be super user-friendly, whether you’re a total newbie or an extreme techie. Each video is only a click away!

Your membership allows you to access our existing library of videos from which you can build out DrumFIT Classics lessons. Each video lesson is designed for one of three levels of intensity in mind (low, seated; medium, seated; low-impact, standing). New music and videos are added each quarter to keep your DrumFIT Classics program fresh and exciting!

Due to licensing and copyrights, videos can only be streamed while logged into our members site.

DrumFIT equipment kits come complete with a roller duffle bag that conveniently stores away all the equipment safely and securely. We also include a high-speed inflator/deflator pump to make sure you spend your time having fun and not setting up–each ball is inflated and deflated in just 30 seconds!

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DrumFIT has offices and warehouses in
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If you didn’t see what you wer e looking for and still have questions,

please Email us or call our office at 1-877-322-3389

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If you didn’t see what you wer e looking for and still have questions,

please Email us or call our office at 1-877-322-3389