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On-demand class content and video library paired with the best-in-class drumming equipment.

Our Music, Motion & Memory Program equips you with everything you need to deliver successful, safe, and engaging programming for older adults with a range of mobility needs.

Includes a program guide as well as access to a video library and licensed music tracks of popular generational music for lesson building.

Build group lessons for 3 levels of mobility:
Low intensity, seated / medium intensity,
seated / low-impact, standing

People that are not able to do our typical exercise class loved DrumFIT and felt amazing to be able to be a part of a “regular” class.

~ Recreation Manager, Memory Facility, Toronto, Ontario

DrumKIT: What's included

We know that unparalleled teaching resourcs and reliable equipment are key, and that some things, like safety and quality, should never be compromised. 


Our DrumFIT stability balls are the most reliable on the market and built to last. Commercial grade, burst-resistant up to 2000 lbs, and 100% non-latex, they’ll safely sustain hundreds of lessons!


DrumFIT stands are custom
designed with every body, ability, and age in mind. Sturdy and precisely set at an optimal height so everyone can reach the ball, whether seated or standing.


Our DrumFIT sticks are grooved and notably thicker than standard sticks, making them easier to grip. Made of 100% Canadian Maple, they’re also more durable and won’t splinter or snap.


DrumFIT's high-speed pump makes inflating and deflating your DrumFIT balls a total breeze. It’s easy to operate and inflation takes less than 30 seconds per ball. Comes with plug puller and plug pouch.


Pack your DrumFIT unit neatly away into a large duffle bag with wheels. Easy to transport and compact enough to store.

On-boarding & ongoing support included!
Get access to the Digital Starter Kit with manual and instructional videos to help you with equipment setup, and more!

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